Alchemy “Magical Collection” Box

Alchemy “Magical Collection” Box

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Available for order this Monday! At 830
Eastern- pick your box of treats! All themed in scent collections! Boxes can include new scents as
Well! They can include mixtures if
Our most popular products including bubble
Bombs, bubble bars, artisan soaps In
Many forms(cold process, triple butter, shave bars, loofah)cremes,body butters,skin drinks,soapy frostings, blended organic teas and more! Each box will be lovingly created and amazing! I’m hoping to set up annual subscriptions where you can schedule delivery with these! This is a great way to try your favorites, maybe a new favorite? Test new launch products and more!

Box details-

The cost is 60.00 and will include 5-6 items. If you order more than 1 of the same box- we will try to make your second and 3rd or 1,000th box unique and different from the first :)

Your box will carry full size products or a mix of full sized and travel sized. If they are travel size you will get the equivalent in product more product or an extra travel size to equal to or Above the dollar amount the box price is listed as ❤️

We decided to curate these boxes for the surprise factor, I mean who doesn’t love  that?! And also because we absolutely LoVE making small batch! This also gives us the freedom and creativity to test launch new products and get feedback! 

Shipping- your box will ship 4-8 weeks- as we are planning roll shipment and ship in waves so we don’t have overflowing alchemy in the shop! Can ship as soon as 2 weeks.