Alchemy Muggle Magic Subscription Box

Alchemy Muggle Magic Subscription Box

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This limited preorder subscription box for Muggle magic inspired goodness is available today at 830 pm eastern time.

this box is a tri-monthly box and you will be charged every 3 months. Your subscription will automatically renew and there is a limited amount of spots.
Alchemy's Re-invented, Re-inspired, RE-newed & RE-mixed collection of our most coveted and loved Muggle HP themed scents! This box is being crafted exclusively by Amy as the muggle series was made during such an inventive creative time for her. Re-exploring old favorites but adding all new twists! You will see all of your HP themed favorites but added into new versions with many possibilities such as new soft serve, holy water bubbling bath salts, teas and more! Not all Boxes will be the same. EVERYTHING is being made by her and based on her inspiration at that moment. Imagine your favorites and the possibility of discovering a favorite but then... even better! These are very LIMITED and first come first serve basis! 

Limited edition RE-INVENTED Muggle Box!

Collection includes full & travel sized items, and some new Amy exclusives!

One lucky box will have a hogwarts express ticket inside! Once found a special muggle surprise will be fulfilled upon ticket redemption!

Below are scent examples, NOT item descriptions. All Boxes however will include buttery beer in creme or body butter.

Buttery beer- a gourmand scent that is crisp and warm. Made of the finest butters which give a creamy undertone. Mixed with burnt sugar, lemon peel, vanilla plantfolia, tonka bean, organic honey powder, marshmallow extract, spiced rum accord with a sprinkle of damask rose and white cedar wood. This fragrance has so Many notes and it's beautiful on, and the layers transform with your skins natural ph.

Honeydukes- It’s a mix of warm praline, and toasted marshmallow, fresh strawberry leaf, waffle cone, and cotton candy, imagine a confectionary candy store!

Fizzing Whizbees face/body polish- made of umf 15 Australian Manuka honey which is absolutely amazing for nourishing, antibacterial properties. Strawberry leafs, colloidal oatmeal, calendula powder, vanilla plantfolia, pumpkin powder, Bulgarian rose, black tea, matcha tea,rosehip powder and mallow root ! Your skin will never look so balanced, nourished and clear with weekly use!

Quibbler- Luna lovegoods father ran the quibbler and we are paying homage to our favorite potter character with this set! Quibbler smells that of vanilla pudding and pound cake dessert- this is one of those scents where it smells
Different in the jar- when rubbed onto skin it "comes to life" blending with your body chemistry giving amazing layers of sweet creamy fragrance !

Polly juice Potion-a refreshing bubble bath/ milk bath that will transform your body and mind- into pure happiness! Awaken your senses with a blend of French lime, green tea extract, ginger root extract a dash of jasmine topped with pineapple extract.

9.75 creme- an amazing blend of orange mandarin, bourbon and marshmallow root- its amazing!!!!

Choc frog lip polish- the name says it all! Amazing chocolate orange mixed with candy floss and blends of organic butters such as Shea, cocoa and coconut butter, blended with avocado oil, hyaluronic acid for maximum moisture and organic cane sugar.

Wax Melts- this amazing wax will keep all deathly eaters away! Made with brandied pears, spiced chai and sugared cranberries- it's a festive, warm and happy fragrance.

Amorentia love potion- this fragrance is just beautiful and evoking. Made of violet leaf, rose absolute, goji berry extract, vanilla plantfolia, white tea extract, saffron, nectar and benzoin oil, with just a drop of Egyptian geranium sealed with a kiss.

Felix shower gel- liquid luck! Made of green tea, green clover, aloe Vera leaf juice, pumpkin extract, organic honey and tuberose essential oil.

Expecto patronum soap- a moisturizing triple butter blend of shea,cocoa and mango butters mixed with honey powder, goats milk, propolis, orange blossom, vanilla extract and honeysuckle

Treacle Tart creme- a confectionary blend with crisp notes sprinkled with sugar, then baked with coconut, burnt sugar, drizzled caramel and marshmallow fluff. Includes lemon, yuzu, lychee flower, orange blossom and white sandal.

Transformation Tea- Transform and renew your body with spa salts & Himalayan salts doused in a blend of white tea, organic fair trade matcha powder, matcha tea extract with hibiscus, rose hips, orange peel, lavender and chamomile extracts.

Pollyjuice Potion gel- a refreshing bubble bath/ milk bath that will transform your body and mind- into pure happiness! Awaken your senses with a blend of French lime, green tea extract, ginger root extract a dash of jasmine topped with pineapple extract.

Triple butter choc frog with organic cacao powder, honey, goat milk powder, chocolate and vanilla extracts and sweet orange oil.

handcrafted jellybean soap topped with mini organic kosher vegetable glycerin soap jellybeans.


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Not for human consumption.

Colors and size may vary by batch.