Opalite Aura Point Towers
Opalite Aura Point Towers

Opalite Aura Point Towers

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These points are very large for  opalite! They have a beautiful iridescent opal milky color, most have a blue iridescent hue blended with yellow and vibrant pink and orange. Most of the towers I see are a quarter to a half this size and are listed at same price 💜

for a live view of these towers,click here- https://youtu.be/IuIb-8IAMOE

#1- 4.5” tall. 102 grams. 3.6 Oz.

#2- 4.5” tall. 112 grams. 3.9 Oz.

#3- 4 1/4” tall. 104 grams. 3.7 Oz.

#4- 4 3/4” tall. 121 grams. 4.3 Oz.

Chakra- Third Eye Chakra

- Said to help with the success of a business
- Aids one in transition and transformation
- Bringing one new ideas, relationships, and other opportunities, helps to improve communication and remove energy blockages. It helps to give us the strength to express ourselves fully and is a great stone for transition and change.

Every mineral and crystal I purchase is bought with love and warm energy. Every piece chosen by me is for a reason. I only purchase from direct rock hounds, local rock hounds, lapidary businesses and people who contract mines :) all crystals are genuine and authentic.any people feel energy from crystals. As energy is neither created nor destroyed, just transferred. Scientifically it makes a lot of sense. Many crystals are used inside of computers as components. There’s a reason why quartz is always ontop of watch faces 😉 some energies are strong and very noticeable right away, others are soft calm and steady. just looking at it from a scientific standpoint, crystals are fascinating! They are millions of years old! It takes millions of years for these to form for instance,amethyst is older than the dinosaurs- that in itself is pure amazingness! Something older than the dinosaurs- imagine all the energy stored!