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Alchemy everyday essentials such as shampoo, conditioner, hair serum, bug spray, massage oils, shampoo + shave bars and our new deodorants will have you smelling fresh and clean all day long!

Our all natural formulation for deodorant will help to unblock pores and prevent the odor causing bacteria in sweat from developing. Our formula enlists the help of natural antibacterial ingredients such as tea tree oil & bergamot oil as well as the sweat absorbing power of baking soda. Unlike the harsh chemicals, such as aluminum compounds found in commercial antiperspirants, which clog pores, you can rest assured our recipe is Aluminum-free,Talc free, Paraben free & cruelty-free. 

Our new shampoo & shave bar will truly clean and nourish your locks, leaving your hair feeling light as air and smelling wonderful!  We do not recommend for color treated hair.  When used as a shaving bar the thick lather leaves skin smooth, nourished and prevents post shave irritation and redness. Store in a dry place between uses. gluten-free, non-GMO & organic.  Always sulfate free and cruelty-free!

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